Candidates z~6 quasars for which we would like a short exposure just to confirm the quasar nature. A reference star for acquisition is also provided in the finder. Any setup can be used, but red cover up to ~9000A is required.

Top Priority (OBSERVED): 57.574-32.676 03:50:17.80 -32:40:36.73 z_mag = 19.77 Finder

Lower Priority (OBSERVED): 42.120-22.429 02:48:28.84 -22:25:46.06 z_mag = 19.83 Finder

Lower Priority: 217.059-11.518 14:28:14.38 -11:31:08.18 z_mag = 19.97 Finder

Top Priority: high confidence candidate Lower Priority: maybe contaminant

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