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PI: Werk and Prochaska

Goal: We will do some slit mask spectroscopy for redshift confirmation and metallicity work on galaxies with m~ 24.5 to study the large-scale structure in the vicinity of a galaxy halo that shows NeVIII absorption in COS spectra.


We will use the 600 line grating. Ideally, we'd like for almost continuous coverage from ~5000 Angstroms to ~1 micron. A grating tilt of ~7500 Ang. is good, using the GG495 order blocking filter.

Exposure Times:

We'll spend two hours on each mask. In 4 * 1800 s exposures.

Necessary Calibrations: We will need arcs, biases, spectral flats, and a spectrophotometric standard with the required set up. Arcs: Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe 1 sec ; Cd, Zn, Hg 5 sec. The default Quartz lamp is good, with 3 * 6 second exposures.

Conditions: This project needs pretty good conditions -- mostly clear (some cirrus okay) and ~1" seeing. If the seeing goes above 1.5" it might be worthless. Dec13 Starlist: starlist May Starlist: starlist Jan Starlist: starlist Mask Alignment Checklist: checklist

Target List:

* 2 * 1800 of PKS0232 mask 2 were observed through light clouds and with 1.5" seeing. Could use another 2 exposures if possible.

** For the Ear, set up on the bright star. It is 82" from the Ear. Then make sure slit PA is 29 degrees. DSS finder: dssfinder

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