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Observing Programs at Keck Observatory in December 2014 for Prochaska + Associates

This page organizes all of the programs that we are doing at Keck/LRIS. Each program page should include: (i) the optimal setup for the observation; (ii) a target list with finder charts and recommended exposure times; (iii) any additional notes of interest (S/N desired, priority of targets); (iv) Worst conditions (seeing, clouds) under which observations will still be useful

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Night 1 (Times in LST)

00h10m: Twilight calibs; standard star

00h20m: Shanks z~6 candidates

00h30m: J2312-0254 (g=20.36, 21.47) [MMT]

01h30m: J0004-0844 (g=21.07, 22.45) [XShooter? Ask Marie] 02h30m: J0018+1612 (g=21.41, 22.16) [MMT]

02h00m: J0119+0205 (g=20.74, g=20.47)

03h00m: J0240-0039 (g=22.99, 22.64) [Faint! 2+hrs]


05h30m: Jackpot (RA=08h41m)

06h30m: J0850+2805 (g=21.05, 21.86) [395kpc]

07h15m: J0956+2643 (g=20.84, 19.5) [131kpc]

08h00m: J1053+5001 (g=21.04, 21.18) [16 kpc]

09h00m-11h25m: pc_5 (COSMOS -- RA = 10hr)

11h30m-12h00m: Into Twilight; Standard Star + Calibs

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