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Observing Programs at Keck Observatory with DEIMOS on March 31 2014 for Prochaska + Associates

This page gives an observing plan, along with a link to the main program, NeVIII.

Link to Object Observability plot with parallactic angle: obschart

Here is the current observing plan:

Night 1

07h39m: Twilight Standard Star with Longslit -- Feige 34 would be great here! feige34

07h45m: MIRA

07h52m: PG1206_may_mid (4 x 1800 s; 660s acquisition)

10h03m: PG1206_may_mid2 (4 x 1800s; 660s acquisition)

12h14m: MIRA (at new target (1410)

12h21m: J1410_m1 (1 x 900s; 600s acquisition)

12h46m: J1410_m2 (1 x 900s; 600s acquisition)


13h11m: MIRA (at new target, 1630)

13h18m: PG1630_may_early (1630_1) (4 x 1800s; 600s acquisition)

15h28m: PG1630_may_mid (1630_2) (4 x 1800s; 600s acquisition)

17h38m: Into Twilight; Standard Star (if time)

Notes on Making Calibrations go faster (via Greg Wirth):

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