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Observing Programs at Keck Observatory with DEIMOS on January 14 2013 for Prochaska + Associates

This page organizes all of the projects for DEIMOS on January 14. Each program page should include: (i) the optimal setup for the observation; (ii) a target list with finder charts and recommended exposure times; (iii) any additional notes of interest (S/N desired, priority of targets); (iv) Worst conditions (seeing, clouds) under which observations will still be useful

Here is the current observing plan:

18 degree Twilight is at 02:37 in the evening, and then begins at 13:01 in the morning.

2h31m: MIRA

2h37m: QSOGAL_J0057+1442 (900s sci; 180s acquisition)

02h55m: QSOGAL_J0132-0931 (900s sci; 180s acquisition) [Priority = 1]

3h13m: QSOGAL_J0212-0737 (900s sci; 180s acquisition)

3h31m: QSOGAL_J0256+0113 (900s sci; 180s acquisition)

3h49m: MASK J0317 (Faint HII regions) (2 * 900 s) See: BackupHalpha

4h23m: QSOGAL_J0341-0041 (900s sci; 180s acquisition)

4h41m: J0459-26_HII_1 and others as time allows. 900s exposures, slit alignment takes time. See: BackupHalpha

5h40m: MIRA

5h45m: FB0751m6_early (0751m6) (4 * 1800s sci, 660s acquisition)

7h56m: MIRA on PG1148...

8h00m: PG1148m2_earlyjan (m21148) (3 * 1800s sci, 660s acquisition)

9h41m: QSOGAL_J0933+3852 (900 sci; 180s aquisition) [Priority = 1]

9h59m: QSOGAL_J1024+5556 (900 sci; 180s acquisition) [Priority = 1]

10h17m: MIRA

10h21m: PG1148m3_midjan (m31148) (4 * 1800s sci, 660s acquisition)

12h32m: QSOGAL_J1211+3657 (900 sci; 180s acquisition) [Priority = 1]

12h50m: QSOGAL_J1448+3559 (900sci; 180s acquisition) [Priority = 1]

13:08m: Twilight -- Standard Star.

Notes on Making Calibrations go faster (via Greg Wirth):

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