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Observing Programs at Keck Observatory with DEIMOS on December 29 2013 for Prochaska + Associates

This page organizes all of the projects for DEIMOS on December 29. Each program page should include: (i) the optimal setup for the observation; (ii) a target list with finder charts and recommended exposure times; (iii) any additional notes of interest (S/N desired, priority of targets); (iv) Worst conditions (seeing, clouds) under which observations will still be useful

Here is the current observing plan:

We get the telescope at 06:39 LST (12:24 am HST), and then begins at LST 11:53 in the morning.

Link to Object Observability plot with parallactic angle: obschart

Night 1

Lost to Fog, Snow, Thunder, Lightening, Rain, Hail (the wind was fine)

Night 2

06:39m: MIRA (move to 0751 - 1 hour west)

06h46m: FB0751_dec_early2 (0751_6) (4 x 1800 s; 660 acquisition)

08h57m: standard star (10 minutes total, Feige 34?)

09h07m: MIRA (move to 1206, 1 hour west)

09h14m: PG1206_3 (4 x 1800s; 660s acquisition)

11h25m: MIRA (move to 1410)

11h33m: 1410_1 (1 x 900s; 660s acquisition)

11h56m: 1410_2 (1 x 900s; 660s acquisition)

12:17m: 1410_3 (if we can get anything)

Notes on Making Calibrations go faster (via Greg Wirth):

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