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Observing Programs at Keck Observatory with DEIMOS on December 12 2012 for Prochaska + Associates

This page organizes all of the projects for DEIMOS on December 12. Each program page should include: (i) the optimal setup for the observation; (ii) a target list with finder charts and recommended exposure times; (iii) any additional notes of interest (S/N desired, priority of targets); (iv) Worst conditions (seeing, clouds) under which observations will still be useful

Here is the current observing plan:

0h10m: QSOGAL_J2317-0036 (900s sci; 180s acquisition), <AM> 1.24

0h28m: QSOGAL_J0057+1446 (900s sci; 180s acquisition), <AM> 1.02

0h46m: QSOGAL_J0057+1442 (900s sci; 180s acquisition), <AM> 1.03

1h04m: QSOGAL_J0132-0931 (900s sci; 180s acquisition), <AM> 1.16

1h22m: QSOGAL_J0212-0737 (900s sci; 180s acquisition), <AM> 1.13

1h40m: QSOGAL_J0256+0113 (900s sci; 180s acquisition), <AM> 1.06

1h58m: QSOGAL_J0341-0041 (900s sci; 180s acquisition), <AM> 1.08

2h00m: HeII QSO Q0302-003 (Mask) (2* 1800s)

3h30m: PKS0232_late (MASK2) (2 * 1800s, sci, 900s acquisition)

4h45m: FB0751_early (MASK4) (2 * 1800s sci, 900s acquisition)

6h00m: FB0751_mid (MASK5) (4 * 1800s sci, 900s acquisition)

0815m: J0841 longslit

9h30m: PG1148_early (PG1148m1) (2 * 1800s sci, 900s acquition)

10h35m: Twilight -- Standard Star.

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