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Detailed Nightly Plan

In sets of 5, with priorities and exposure times given. If you fall behind schedule, cut low priority (higher number) objects first.

Time for overheads (e.g. slewing, acquisition, read-out) assumed to be 5 minutes per target.

Time windows for blocks of five are in LST.

Target details (magnitudes, scale heights, etc.) can be found in BhBsSpring2016

Ephemeris for June 13, 2016:

13h00m: Twilight Standard Star, BD+33 2642 would be great here. May not be necessary, but do it anyway just in case. BD33

13h06m - 14h48m:

  1. J1243+2931 (Priority 2; 400s)
  2. J1257+3446 (Priority 2; 900s)
  3. J1259+1552 (Priority 2; 900s)
  4. J1324+2418 (Priority 2; 1200s) - can cut if necessary.
  5. J1324+2243 (Priority 2; 1200s)

14h48m - 16h15m:

  1. J1332+2054 (Priority 1; 720s)
  2. J1335+2820 (Priority 2; 900s)
  3. J1341+2801 (Priority 1; 900s)
  4. J1341+2829 (Priority 1; 900s)
  5. J1341+2806 (Priority 1; 600s)

16h15m - 17h26m: RUNNING OUT OF TIME!...

  1. J1342+2828 (Priority 1; 900s)
  2. J1459+4128 (Priority 2; 1800s)
  3. QSO1445 (For X. Need Coords. 1800s)


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